Google – Race for the quantity

Dont know since when has google started lacking common sense. I had been a great fan of Google from the start. It looks like in the race, google is getting into quantity rather than quality.

For instance the Revision History comparison in the Google Docs have started saying “too_many_revisions” in a very disturbing manner. It just means it cannot provide revision comparison for say over above some 25-30 revisions. The purpose of providing revisions is now defeated. It seems to be pun when one says he wants to compare between a 25 version back document. But with saving of the document every few seconds the 25th version is actually a few minutes ago edited document.

Another great thing… google has added a new button to the Google reader that marks all the feeds as read. That provides a great relief but now there are only two options – either to mark all as read or go through every one to mark selective articles as read. That means you just wont be able to mark the feeds as read selectively which are visibly crappy from the subject even if contextual(differs from person to person) .

Sincerely, i am still in love with google in spite of these things. But they must go for improving the current quality before going for quantity (the new presentation services) because they are only known for quality/performance (the era of google search)