Superman Returns – A lifetime coincidence (Lex screams)

Its was once when self moving car , zoom in through satelite linked computer etc in the James Bond movies were supposed to be fiction. At this point of time most of them are real. But coming to superheroes with super power, any single thing that comes real is unbelievable. And that is now the case with Superman this time.

Lex Luthor screams,” Oh that Kryptonite was contaminated. I have to work upon it now “

The Kryptonite is in the limelight. No it didnt come from outer space. It is found in the mines of Serbia. The only difference is it doesnt glows(Not radioactive) and that it is white in colour opposite to green color in the fiction. The chemistry matches exactly the same except that it doesnt contain flourine. The scientific naming convention described the compound as sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide, which on a mere web search matched the Kryptonite in the Superman fictions.

Now that is really really a life time coincidence. That doesnt mean the existence of the Superman story as real. It is very unusual to find any new mineral in such a quantity, they are generally found these years only in a few grains under a microscope. The new mineral cannot be named Kryptonite as per naming conventions as it has no relation with the existing elment Krypton. It may be named on the place where it is found as Jadarite.
At Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) and the expertise of its researchers, Dr Pamela Whitfield and Dr Yvon Le Page has worked on its novelty as calling it as new calls for rigorous testing. Canadian agencies are working on it for international recognition.
Now that is a news for Superman fans and so is for the Lex Luthor fans as the fiction says its fatal for Superman and boon for Luthor to kill him.

No wonder Superman’s new movie may correct the color of the compound 🙂 and says that is the reason why the son of superman didnt have any impact on him with the Green Kryptonite found by Lex [refer Superman Returns , Movie].
Lex’s screams,” Oh that Kryptonite was contaminated “