There is something …. no, many things about THREE

Ever wondered what are the properties of a multiple of 3??
You must be wondering and the most prompting answer would be that the sum of the digits of any multiple of three is also divisible by three. There are more and a wonderful property that can be thought of is related with the number 153. Now what about it. Lets move on, read on the statement below:
“The sum of the cubes of the digits of any natural number which is the multiple of 3 will lead you to a black hole … that is 153“. Try it the process follows :

1. Choose a multiple of three
2. Take the cube of its digits and add them
3. Do the same with the new number.
4. You will be lead to 153 which is a 3-narcissistic number i.e. an n-digit number , the nth power of whose digits sums up to the number again.
And that is what the black hole is.

Now 153 is the only 3-Narcissistic number that makes a black hole.. leading from any multiple of three.
Try it with any length of the number….. write a computer program. But make sure the length of the number doesnt leaks your memory.

There must be something that keeps people thinking about grouping in three. Sometimes in bad omen , sometimes in good.