Another Riddle Poem -The Bishop of Salisbury

As known the Bishop of Salisbury offered 15 pounds for the following riddle.

I sit lone on a rock
Whilst I’m raising the wind,
But the storm once abated
I’m gentle and kind.
I’ve kings at my feet
Who await but my nod,
To kneel down in the deep,
On the ground that I’ve trod.
Tho’ oft seen by the world,
I am known to but few;
The gentiles despise me,
I’m pork to the Jew.
I never have passed
But one night in the dark,
And that was with Noah
Alone in the ark.
My weight is three pounds,
My length is a mile;
And when I’m discovered
You will say with a smile-
That my first and my last
Are the best of our isle.

I suspect it to be the ” Ocean tide ” What does others have to say??

4 Responses

  1. me too think its ocean tide and that night is full moon night…

  2. dheeraj says:

    cool man , gud 1

  3. Anonymous says:

    No You are wrong, I have the answer and it fits into every sentence.

  4. John Vidal says:

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