Lateral Thinking Puzzles Revisited – Rebus

How about thinking laterally once again. Now go on and solve the lateral thinking puzzle given below. These are more examples of Rebus Puzzles
Figure out what each of the block says. Post your answers!!

Lets try for these riddles together.

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Rebus Puzzle - Lateral Thinking

Rebus Puzzle – Lateral Thinking

24 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    2nd row 1st…nice guys finish last

  2. Anonymous says:

    first row second column…miss under standing..

  3. Balubhai says:

    the 2nd in first row is MISSUNDERSTANDING

  4. Anonymous says:

    First row third column. More often than not

  5. Sharon says:

    7. lem-ON-ade (lemonade)

    10. plat-IN-um (platinum)

  6. AAQ says:

    1- knock knock knock at the door of a house.

  7. Anonymous says:

    4. excuses

  8. Anoop says:

    fourth one is “queues in excess”

  9. Anoop says:

    calculator risk(calculated risk) is the answer for 11th one…

  10. AAQ says:

    11 – Risk

  11. Anoop says:

    last one is Back Surgery…

  12. Anonymous says:

    9: zz top

  13. Econym says:

    13 looks like Win in triple over time

    14 looks like dial in four dollars

    I’m not familiar with those phrases.

    • Anonymous says:

      #13- not a basketball fan? Three overtimes to win…

      #14- Dialing for Dollars…
      Remember that show?

  14. Econym says:

    8 Parallel Bars

    12 Toronto Blue Jays (apparently it’s the name of a baseball team) but the J’s don’t look particularly blue in that image.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They all seem easy – are there any still unsolved?

  16. Ram Kumar says:


  17. BASU says:


  18. Algates says:

    first row third column..
    not too often

  19. Algates says:

    first row first one..
    its clock house

  20. Sameer says:

    8. Parallel Bars

  21. Anonymous says:

    5. All about guys

  22. 1. a house 3 clicks over
    2. misunderstanding
    3. more often than not
    4. excuses excuses
    5. nice guys finish last
    6. grandma
    7. lemonade
    8. parallel bars
    9. zz top
    10. platinum
    11. calculated risk
    12. Toronto jay's
    13. win in triple overtime
    14. dial in for dollars
    15. numbers inside
    16. back surgery

  23. Anonymous says:

    15 is smile – 1760yds = mile