Much awaited Group Chat at Gtalk

Finally the much awaited Google group chats is released. Till now we had been doing so tweaking the Gtalk client , making multiple voice chats through multiple messenger so that everyone hears everyone in the group.
But now Google has officially launched the chatting in groups through its Google Gadget. The Google Talk client users still have to wait a bit. But thats no concern, we can do all with the Google gadget now.

Launch Google Gadget : Click here

Simply start chatting with a person and you will see invite others to the group chat link. Its so simple.

Interestingly, this is moving us away from our very own desktop applications i.e. Google Talk (messengers) , Powerpoint, word processors, image editors, pdf convertors/viewers etc. All you need is a browser and internet connection.

This is turning interesting, apart from having photo sharing ,we earlier had a video sharing on Google talk gadget through which you can let the world know what video you are watching and they can watch it too if they are also running Google talk gadget.
So that means now we have
Group chat;
Group Video viewing with chat;
Even the Group Voice chat is possible with minuscule tweaking

This feature still haven’t been there on Yahoo from years of its service.
Google Talk Gadget surely is hitting the base.
Welcome Google Group Talk !!!