Solution to White Chamber from FASCO

Remember the Crimson Room Puzzle. The White Chamber from the series is no less than it. Get the solution here for the mind boggling brain teaser. Mind it these are not the cheats. Enjoy!!
Solution to White Chamber Puzzle from FASCO

1. Get the purple blocks from dustbin , remote from above the glass window where the car can be seen , key from above the steel door, a yellow battery just below the petrol tank (near rear driver shockers), a key from the other side of the bike, a mount under the table, a long thin stick under the table, a brass hook under the table, a red memory ship on the t shirt poster under the “purchase” word, a secret piece of paper with morse code inside the book on table.
2. Use the key found near bike to open the white box to the left of the table. This is done by plugging the key on a block just above that white block.
3. Now enter the “OPEN” in morse code in the white box. Red button = hyphen and blue button = dot. This makes a blue door appear to its left
4. Open the blue door to get blue memory chip.
5. Use the key found over the steel door to open the rear trunk of the bike and get a spanner.
6. Put the mount using spanner on the front of the bike.
7. Put the brass hook in the whole to the right of the steel door.
8. Get the other piece of secret code paper on the roof while navigating from above the glass window. Use stick to get that paper.
9. Put all the chips in the remote (hinted by book on table). Done by clicking info bubble over remote in the objects pane then turning it upside down.
10. Use remote to open the blue door. Press button on the remote to change the color of the light on remote now open the blue door to get an objects. Three different objects, i.e. headlight, binoculars, mirror for three different colors will be found.
11. Put the mirror on the hook to the right of steel door, Headlight on mount on the bike. Put the key in the bike near the handle. The headlight will glow and its reflection from the mirror will lit the other room behind glass window.
12. Look into the room. There is a chit on the wall in that room to the left of the car. Use binoculars to read the code on the chit.
13. Put this code in the bike using the different buttons on the bike handle and number 6 button on the accelerator side. This will unlock a box on the front wheel of the bike.
14. Open that box to get a purple memory chip. Replace that chip in the remote as specified in the book at the place of grey chip. Use it again on blue door to open a secret purple box.
15. On that secret purple box write “Help” using purple block morse code. This opens the box to give u the bike golden key.
16. Start the bike and it will break the door. And you are free.

Enjoy the party!!!