Einstein’s Words – Truly a puzzle

I wondered when i read those words whether the great great Mr. Einstein were a scientist or a poet whose literature is as strong as his Physics or Chemistry. He sure was genius. The quotation is as follows:

Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But I do not doubt that the lion belongs to it even though he cannot at once reveal himself because of his enormous size.

It kept me puzzled until i knew the correct meaning. Now that you have read the quotation, try and interpret the meaning of the quotation. This really acted like a riddle. The use of English , the combination of words. When he said “I do not doubt” i started wondering what let a legendary being say this.
I thought it as a work of literature , read it word by word , try to take the meaning of combination of words as a work of art. This was my interpretation until i knew the context of these words.

I feel he wants to say that “he don’t doubt his thinking to complete the natural mysteries even when nature cannot reveal itself completely because of its vast outspread belongings (that are vast in themselves)”

He encompassed a few things in one line :

  1. Nature hides the true picture of everything.(shows us only the tail )
  2. The vastness of nature is not limited to itself. Even the smallest looking thing ( tail of the lion) in nature is huge. Its vastness is hidden (shows us only the tail)
  3. Its revelation is not easy (once reveal himself because of his enormous size) and takes time even for the smallest looking thing (tail of the lion ).
  4. He never doubts(do not doubt that the lion belongs to it) himself to guess or better say reveal the hidden things behind the smallest looking things (no doubts on his confidence!!!).

As soon as i searched for it on the net. I wondered how a context can change the meaning so dramatically. The first wonder was when the search result was about the 11th dimension , i was dumbstruck for i have heard only about 4th dimension what about 11th??

The quotation was actually his response to a initiative taken by scientists where they wanted to cover all the laws and principles they made under one single theory called as “Theory of Everything”. He
literally stumped all of them by saying this. Now it is

” The tail” is what we see in nature , which can be described by the four fundamental forces -gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces. The lion is the ultimate theory that will unify them in one short equation.

Woaaa that is a genius…
Now there came hurdles and discrepancies regarding it, and that is not the point of discussion. The hunt was started by him and later to capture this lion he was lost but none could even now integrate all of them under one single theory
Its just the genius of Einstein and “as many meanings as many brains”.
The finest of articles on it … Into the Eleventh Dimension

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