Flexible Keyboard – just like in Die Hard 4

For all the die hard gadget fans!!! Yeah the words at the first line mean differently.
For all the people who saw Die Hard 4 , there was a keyboard that is flexible enough to wrap, fold, just like a paper and keep it in pocket. Assuming its untrue and just a filmsy trick, people tend to fantasize it in future. But but but…. the future has arrived so early.
Thanks to Yahoo!! They have come up with a new keyboard similar to that in the movie – The yahoo flexible keyboard. Just zip it and keep it anywhere in your carry bag or your pockets. At a price of 52 dollars. That isnt a bad deal, not at all.
To have it in your pocket click here
It sure says either scientists are motivated by these movies or these movies steals the futuristic ideas of these scientists. Starting from the very old movies , James Bond.. was the first in the series to show such things. And later they all came into existence. Its going on for real.
Great going Yahooooooooooooo!!! .

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  1. Mark says:

    You can get this at geek.com for $10

  2. Mark says:

    You can get this at geek.com for $10

  3. Anonymous says:

    twat this his bin out for ages, bin out before the film, iv sin it in shops and that. its not even that futuristic its just a slim line keyboard. have you seen the Imac key boards their just a solid version of them.

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