Know the color or die puzzle

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now, is this a trick question? It says he will ask the men what color of cap he is wearing-by “he” do you mean the king? If so, all 100 men can survive because they can all look at the king and tell him what color of cap the king’s wearing.

  2. Sunil Kumar says:

    No .. its not a trick question..

    By the color of the cap means, the color of the person’s cap from whom the king is asking the question

  3. Kinshuk says:

    Half of them will always survive. Last one will tell the color of cap of the person in front of that next person will know the color on his head. He may or may not die depending upon the color of his cap.But the next person ll tell the truth and will be saved. This will be repeated.

  4. quasigoose says:

    I can get 99 to survive for sure!
    OK. White = “W”(0) Red =”R”(1)
    Last man(first who is asked) checks if he can see even number
    of WHITE caps.
    If it’s true – he says “WHITE”, otherwise – “RED”. He lives or dies.
    The next person in the Queue checks if parity of WHITE caps of people in front of him is the same
    as said by 1 guy. If it’s true – he has RED cap and says “RED” otherwise “WHITE”.
    He lives.
    All other people in front of him update their ‘caps parity’
    (prev_cap-parity, Color_said)
    ->new_cap-parity :
    (W,W)->R, (W,R)->W, (R,W)->W, (R,R)->W.
    All guys after 2nd guy acts as follows:
    0. Update cap-parity after hearing the guy questioned before
    1. Check parity of WHITE caps in front of him(“W”, “R”).
    2. If these parities are the same – he has RED cap(since his own cap doesn’t change the parity) and say “RED”, otherwise he says “WHITE”. The man survives.

    So only first guy can die and the rest will survive(99).

  5. Johan Rex says:

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