Solution to The Doors Puzzle

Havent tried it yet. Play here The Doors Puzzle

The solution to one of the closed room puzzle “The Doors” where you are locked amongst many rooms in a house. Walk through the doors and find the way out. Find and use different items to get rid of the haunting interlocked rooms. Here is the solution categorized on the basis of rooms

The game starts from the main hall and you can find the following items
– red card is in the bottom drawer of the chest
– letter piece can be seen stuck in the floorboards when you face the picture
– piece of the cube is on the side of the radiator — it looks like a tetris piece
– also, note that if you click on the portrait, there is a safe behind it.

Living Room
– letter piece is in the pocket of the coat (lift the sleeve)
– cube piece on the radiator in this room too
– cube piece next to the phone
– cube piece in the fireplace
– purple card under the couch cushions (when facing the couch at an angle)

Drag the newly-formed cube into the holder by the door (the one that’s in the same corner
as the coat) and you will reach the office

The Office:
– another letter piece is on the floor behind the chair
– a hospital intake sheet is in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet – note the time
the patient was admitted
– the blue card is stuck inside a large pink book with heavier outlines
– the gray card is underneath the lamp in the corner
– drag the hour hand back to the time you noted on the medical form, and you’ve
got your key to the bedroom

The Bedroom: (the room is upside down)
– pick up the picture and look very closely at the code on the bottom of it (SCAPE).
match that up with a telephone keypad and enter the resulting numbers into the safe.
– go back to the bedroom and get the card from under the pillow and the letter piece
from inside the nightstand
– the cube from the safe goes under the Almira, and you enter kitchen.

The Kitchen:
– the last card is on the empty shelves to your right
– If you close the open pantry door and click on the shelves behind it, you will find the
last cube, disassembled.

Each symbol (on the doors and the cards) corresponds to a single room. Go back and take
notes of what rooms you end up in when you pass through a door with a symbol, and then
just arrange the cards in the order you were able to access the rooms. Now thats a workout.

Here is the solution for it too
0 – blue, 1 – green, 2 – orange, 3 – red, 4 – purple, 5 – gray
Do it again slide the cube and you are out!!!