Solution to Drunk for free Puzzle

The solution for the puzzle posted on 20th June 07 “Drunk for free Puzzle
The puzzle attributed to drinking of wine without paying anything and you can do that any number of times forever
To view the puzzle click here :- “Drinkers Paradise – The Border , Drunk for free
Sounds surely a drinkers paradise.Lets look at the reasoning:

There is nothing much to think about the situation. If you know anything about the currency values i.e. that each currency have a different value. So is the case here, at the US and Canadian border their corresponding dollars are discounted by 10 cents. It is nothing but the appreciation caused to a currency while it move from one country to another.
Actually they apparently paid for all the wine they drank. Every time they move from one country to another the value of the corresponding currency(dollar) increased. So the gain they had because of movement to and fro is paying for the wine.

Moral of the story : Nothing comes for free, not even the free looking wine. 😀