Y2K Bug caused global warming !!!!

Great article for the climate bugs that said

Not only are the methods for gathering climate change data inaccurate, but there was also a bug in the NASA Climate Data. As it turned out, a Y2K bug caused 1998 to appear as the hottest year on record, when in reality 1934 was. Also, after NASA corrected their records, 5 of the 10 hottest years on record occurred before WWII (after WWII, industry boomed, and CO2 levels began to rise). If human activity is supposed to be the cause of global warming, how can the 5 years before industry boomed be explained?

Well now, even the the global warming sounds dubious. Everything is supposed to be because of the human activities around. But not even the used bombing in WW II could make an effort to be the hottest year.
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