Loaded Revolver Puzzle

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2 Responses

  1. Henry should choose pull the trigger without spinning the chamber as the probability to have bullet in the case of without spinning is 1/4 (because the bullets are in consecutive chambers suppose A and B. first is A and second is B. so, we can’t go to B. and we can’t be at it’s present position again. So, 1/4 is the probability) and in case of spinning again the probability is 1/3 (it’s simple). as according to our 5th class maths books 1/3 > 1/4 and it will make the chances of bullet more. So, henry should chose without spinning the triggers. Good luck henry. magar yaar yeh cattle churaane pe maut ki saza … yeh kahan ka kanoon hai …

  2. dev says:

    may be i am wrong but
    isnt probablity that after first shot bullet in next hole is 1/2 and if they spin it is 1/6