Professor Fizzwizzle – Cool Puzzle Game

Cool addicting puzzle game – Professor Fizzwizzle , starting from a few years kid to a full grown adult, the game is liked by all and takes good care , that you pull off your hairs

It has all the classic elements of a great puzzle game. It’s hard, but still very accessible.
Professor Fizzwizzle is a brilliant, diminutive scientist who built a legion of robot helpers. One day, however, the Professor absentmindedly changed the robots’ setting from helpful to rageful and the robots kicked the professor out of his laboratory. Now, in platform-puzzler style, the Prof needs to work his way back to his beloved lab and you’ve got to help him get there.

Professor Fizzwizzle is an outstanding puzzle game that can be picked up by parents and children alike. So for a twitch to your reflexes and work out for your brain or fun.. go for it.
It sure is damn good!!

Play the game here : Professor FizzWizzle
or download at : Download Professor FizzWizzle