Soldiers Killing Puzzle

Soldiers Killing Puzzle

There are 1000 soldiers. One day it so happens that they have to kill each other and only one would remain alive. For eliminating the partiality, they decided to find some way. One of them suggested a way as follows:

Each of them carrying a sword will stand in a line and numbered accordingly starting from 1 to 1000. Now starting from number:1 , they will start to killing in a way as.. 1 kills 2, 3 kills 4… i.e. starting from 1 they will starting killing the next alive person. This will keep going in a circle until only one remain.

Example for 7 soldiers:
If the number of soldiers is odd say 7, 1 will kill 2 , 3 will kill 4, 5 will kill 6 , 7 remains .. so he ll kill 1.
then remaining people are 3,5,7.
Now they start again 3 kills 5, 7 kills 5 so 7 remains alive

Thinking of this one of the soldier figures out that this way only one of the fixed person will stay alive if started from 1.
So you have to tell the position where he should stand to remain alive if killing starts from 1.

4 Responses

  1. TaRuN says:

    i think the answer is 993….
    reply if its correct

  2. rohan says:

    getting 945..
    is it correct??

  3. Suneeth says:


    is the answer correct?

  4. Atul says:

    977 is the corect ans
    as if total nuber is even then last place holder will be executed else not.
    and it will goes like