Adultery Puzzle

Adultery Puzzle

On a certain island with 500 married couples. In exactly 50 of those couples, the husband is committing adultery. The way gossip works on this island, everyone is very polite, so no one will tell a wife that her husband is committing adultery, but they will certainly tell her about all the other husbands. So let us suppose that every wife of a cheating husband knows about the other cheating husbands, but not her own.

One day, the executioner appears in the town square and says, “Any wife who suspects her husband of cheating shall bring him to me today!” But no one brings a husband forth. The next day, the executioner shows up again, but no husband is brought forth. The executioner is stubborn, and so he comes every day. Is justice ever done?

4 Responses

  1. Abhi says:

    hey do please send the answer to also..

  2. Gagan says:

    on the 50th day, all the wifes whose husbands cheat will go to the executioner

  3. Pilot-Pooja says:

    no it will never happen

  4. Akshat says:

    I agree with Gagan . In the course of rotation , almost all of them will come to know about their spouses in 50 days.