Most Interactive Billboard – A Genius Idea, Vertical Soccer

The best of so called “Ambient Billboards”. Ever seen soccer played vertically??. Must have seen too many billboards that looks interacting with backgrounds and felt them great. But this one is a piece of art. A work of true genius.
The more the creativity in the advertisement more is the number of people attracted. And this is what is called as Brand building.
Look at the following billboard. The billboard is actually blank. It is made of 12,148 aluminum pegs each varying from a length of 1mm to 27mm. Having different length causes different length shadows for the pegs. Now comes the genius part.

The shadows creates a greyscale image of a woman sunbathing as the sun comes out.

Changing direction from morning to evening.

That was static, yeah , not exactly.
Now comes another real time biggie Adidas. The billboard that stunned all the bystanders. Come on take a look . See what they are doing, how they are doing. The billboard was on air in a few minutes time. They are playing soccer on a billboard, yeah VERTICAL SOCCER. Simply amazing. This gave a hell lot of publicity to Adidas.

Wondering who would have thought about that idea!! And who agreed to implement it!!
Truly great!!

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