Technorati Favorites

Technorati Favorites Exchange is one of the best experiment going on in between all bloggers and they are exchanging technorati favorites to increase traffic to their blogs and get more exposer around the blogsphere .
how this will help : – We know that technorati has maintained his own top 100 favorited blogs list and those blogs within this list get nice traffic from that . Example : when you login to your technorati account you see all latest post from your blog and from your favourited blogs . Now think if 100 blogs has added you as favorite than your post will be published to 100 account and your blog traffic will also increase .
How to take part in this experiment : First add Digitalmail to you favorite list from this link : Add to technorati Favourites .

2. After adding me you can leave comment on my blog with you technorati favourite link and i will also add you in my technorati favorite list .

3. You can ask other bloggers to exchange technorati favorite to increase you blog popularity .Also visit these blog to add them into your list .you can also create one post like this and invite as many as friend you can to take part in this Technorati Experiment .

-taken from Me and my net

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