Alien Attack Puzzle

Alien Attack Puzzle

There are three Federation Officers assigned to take three hostile aliens to “Peace Talks” on another planet. However, they must follow the following rules:

* They have only one small space ship.
* Only two individuals can ride in the space ship each time.
* All Federation Officers can pilot the space ship, but only one alien can pilot the ship.
* If at any time there are both Federation Officers and aliens on a planet, then there must always be more (or the same number of) Federation Officers than aliens on that planet. This is because if there are more aliens than Federation Officers, then the aliens will kill the Federation Officers. Count any individual in the space ship when it is on one planet as being on that planet.
* The one space ship is the only means of transportation. There is no other way to get to the “Peace Talks”. No one can exit the space ship while it is in flight.
* To start off, all the Federation Officers and aliens are on the same planet.

The Question: Can all Federation Officers and aliens get to the other planet alive, and if so: how?

2 Responses

  1. Gagan says:

    take 1 officer and a non driving alien and drop the alien off on the other planet and bring the officer back
    now take the driving alien and the other alien and drop off the non driving one on the other planet and bring back the driving one
    now take 2 officers and land them at the other planet

    come back with 1 officer and 1 alien
    take 1 officer and the driving alien and land them the other side.
    then bring the officer back with the non driving alien so that the driving alien stays on the other side

    now take 2 officers together and land them the other side
    bring the ship back with the driving alien and now he drops the other aliens to the other side one by one

  2. Gagan says:

    take 1 alien and 1 officer and leave the alien on the other planet and the officer comes back