The Inadvertent Glossary of College – A revival… Revisited

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  1. Shayan says:

    well….how do I put it…that was cute…lol!!!

    i think every college has its special lingo man, each with its special local tadka

  2. kirtan says:

    how to add sunil ?

    NBD :- Its actual meaning is Nervous Break Down, but this term is used generally whenever any1 is scene in tension or thinking about something
    (for more details, you may contact some IITB Junta)

    NBDU :- one who found in NBD very often

  3. Sunil Kumar says:

    Just add them here in comments and i ll add them up in the post with your name !!

  4. A good walk through the college days.. though wasn’t from IIT but used much of it… had a doubt too… was Maggu a studious person or person highly indulged in Rattafication?
    and here goes a lingo too.. rattafication meaning “act of learning without understanding a single thing”.
    On an all! it was a nice post dude!! i doff my hats to you.

  5. Mohit says:

    heres some more of it…

    ghissu – highly studious person..
    ghisai – act of studying
    bond – an expert in any field…
    bondappa – showing off the bond inside you
    chutiyappa – do some chutiya stuff..
    facha – first yearite male
    fachi – first yearite female
    Andhra – all the southies..
    god – expert in any field..
    hadd – anything extreme
    diro – director

    heres sm lingo related more to IITG –
    SAC – sport activity centre
    NAC – new acedemic complex
    CC – computer centre
    TC – transit complex
    khokha – faculty gate market
    chinky – d local gals for thier assamese looks
    localite – neone belonging to d northeast
    dosa – dean of student affairs

  6. Anonymous says:

    Phuddi Ph.D students

  7. Sunil Kumar says:

    I have added all the contributions … Thanks a lot people!!

  8. manosij says:

    sunil…..tht was coll yaar….pretty comprehensive of all the lingo of iitians…..btw i got 1 more….
    fukka-fail in ne ‘F’ grade given to such a person
    keep rokin mate n happy new year……….

  9. Sunil Kumar says:

    Thanks Manoj..

    I ll add this one too!!

  10. bubka says:

    here’s one from IITKGP, courtesy a friend:
    pondy – porn and obscene nudity for the developing youth 😛

    now for some we use in ISI kolkata:

    gola, nongra – for something great
    chap neoa – to panic
    chap haowa – to get into trouble
    chapcho – nick for a guy who used to take a lot of chap early in the course
    hard khawa – to be very surprised suddenly
    bhat – nonsense
    bawali – doing something silly
    babai – male breasts (in analogy to mai)
    maya haowa – literally to be obliterated, also used in general to mean getting into a bad mess
    hand football – a game where the aim is to grab your opponent’s balls while guarding your own
    PJ – poor joke

  11. Aningbo says:

    don’t use the term chi***, mohit, edit it. its racist/ no arguments.

  12. Sunil Kumar says:

    Thanks Aningbo… i ll do at my level..

    Mohit please do the same or the comment will be removed

  13. sweetdish says:

    hey m disha
    a student of hotel management…

    all r really cool…
    some in my coll r…

    BHASAD..bhheed…ie..vry crowded

    FALLU MARNA…2 show that u r working…bt actually u r not…

    KHOPCHE….a corner where no1 can c u…usually used as ladki ko khopche me le jana…

    LITE LO..2 advice sumbdy not 2 take tension

    BADI LAKDI HAI…2 much work

  14. sumeet says: