Devil’s Round Table Puzzle

The devil’s round table

You die and you meet the devil with a plea to send you to heaven.
Generous devil says he’ll let you go to heaven if you beat him in a game he will tell you to play.
The devil sits you down at a round table. He gives himself and you a huge pile of quarters and says “we’ll take turns putting quarters down, no overlapping allowed, and the quarters must rest on the table surface. The first guy who can’t put a quarter down loses.”
You were about to start playing, and the devil says that he’ll go first. At this point you immediately interject, and ask if you can go first instead. You made this interjection because you are very smart, and you know that if you go first, you can guarantee victory.

Explain how you can guarantee victory.

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  1. Gagan says:

    initially u place the first coin in the exact center of the table
    then, wherever the devil places the coin , u place it exactly symmetric to it. hence u always have a move

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