Fastest to 50 Puzzle

Fastest to 50 Puzzle

Two players are playing a time pass game. They decide to take turns and out integers. The first person to call out “50” wins keeping in mind the following rules:
1. The person starting first should call out the number between 1 to 10 (inclusive)
2. The next player should call out a new number which must exceed the most recent number called by at least one and by no more than 10.

Do you want to go first, and if so, what is your strategy?

2 Responses

  1. Rakshit says:

    to say 50 first I want him to say a number from 40 – 49 and for that to happen I should say 39 previously for which he should have said 29 – 38 for which I should have said 28 for which he should have said 18 – 27 for which I should have said 17 and for which he should have said 7 – 16 and so I should start from 6

  2. SK says:

    To add to that, once you start with 6, the other player can only increment from 1 to 10. Irrespective of what number they choose, when my turn comes, I can always force the number to either 17,28,39 and finally 50 to win.

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