Klueless Puzzle IV – Solution/Answers – Level 11-18

Klueless Puzzle IV – Solution/Hints – Level 11-18
The klueless puzzle at IIM Indore have newer version. Klueless 4 The fourth in its series. haven’t actually got time to go through but here are few answers/spoilers for level 11 thru 8. Will be adding the hints later. For Answers to Level 1thru 10. Click here
WARNING : Dont look at these if you want to try it yourself

Level 11. This was easy.. being a cricket follower. The three names – Warner, Edrich and Compton are the three stands of Lord’s Cricket Ground, others being Mound , Tavern, Allen , i suppose. Further it is also called as the Mecca of Cricket. Hence it makes perfect sense that this level belongs to this ground. But Lord’s is a single name and page source suggests it should be two words. A further searching revealed its original name which made perfect sense saying “Four” in the title and bingo here it is …. “Dorset Square”

Level 12. The image shown is a fractal(i felt this was physics but why “Maths is fun” here?). Thanks to a course in IIT, i recognize this fractal (after all the only fascinating thing in course was fractal), and the name was so easily suggested by Nelson Mandela. I keyed in…. Mandelbrot

Level 13. Now that was pretty bad. I was stuck for 3 hours, i admit i am bad at ciphers. The source says “letters” but what letters and “Title is nothing more than the title”. Then kept looking at the title, searched Google. Then i saw “TITLE = This Is The Level Entry”. One of the first tries to decipher a cipher was to take first letter of each word. Now that said for typing in the complete text

“To order reigning utterly lethal executor that has exhibited most amateur lustful longings. To override fundamentally intoxicating natural disaster that has emitted martyrdon. To observe bolts rescinding in new garden that has everything mortified and lack-lustre; and no day in new time has ever dawned after royal kingdon nested every sober serenity bound in natural devilry that has ever materialized”

Took the first letters :
T o r u l e t h e m a l l
T o f i n d t h e m
To b r i n g t h e m a l l a n d i n t h e d a r k n e s s b i n d t h e m
to rule them all
to find them
to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

And now it was easy “Lord of the rings”. The movies which my brother saw every third day and have 10 CDs and 6 DvDs. How can i forget this. The complete dialogue was
One ring to rule them all
One ring to find them
One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

SO it is… onering. Change the url now to onering.asp

Level 14. Now search page source hint on Google “the precious ring of Victorian times”. It tells the complete history about the rings. Now i came to know, where from the words “Love, dearest, regard etc” came. These are actually the name of stones like Regard: Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, and Diamond. Now i had to find a seven letter word as suggested by these stones. That was ….. DEAREST

Level 15.
Level 15a : “many very elderly men just snooze under newspapers” .. a mnemonic to learn the planets of solar system in order. Source says find the missing one.. That would be …. Pluto

Level 15c: Muted Lamb refers to the movie “Silence of the lambs” .“man eating man” suggests the character “Hannibal the Cannibal”

Level 15x: Dead end is a dead end. Come back to level 15 and choose other door.

Level 15b: Butterfly effect suggests us to go back in the puzzle and put your user name and password there to find the way to next level

Level 16: Look at the title. You need to change some words to make it second person. Use the chat lingo. Source says: Why have many when only one is sufficient? remove many and keep one.” need to keep an I on all the minor things all by urself or b doomed”
Look at the title, remove it from wht u have after removing many…. Decode it

Level 17:Follow the hints provided in title. Hanged man? Funny things cards. You can use them even if they are held upside down.

Level 18: A matrix of number and a few lines.
Find the answers to the first 2 questions,Connect the answers Watch the title.
You need to use this dictionary to find out the answer. Try differenct permutations and combinations remembering its a matrix

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  1. manu says:

    what is the answer to 18th level?

  2. A says:

    Searched Red dragon and silence of the Lambs. The common entity was ‘Hannibal’. Clue for 15c is Hannibal. So I have the username and the password. Where do i enter them?

  3. Aethyr says:

    hey–but havent u cleared beyond 18??? i am stuck on 21 klueless4