Klueless Puzzle IV – Solution/Hints – Level 1-10

Klueless Puzzle IV – Solution/Answers – Level 1-10
For level 11 thru 15 answers click here
The klueless puzzle at IIM Indore have newer version. Klueless 4 The fourth in its series. haven’t actually got time to go through but here are few answers/spoilers for level 1 thru 10. Will be adding the hints later.
WARNING : Dont look at these if you want to try it yourself

Level 1. Good enough.. Click on enter.

Level 2. fill it with the colored word .. Play

Level 3. copy the missing/incorrect letters.. Cakewalk

Level 4. This one is country specific. I got no clue from numbers, Ji Mantriji refers to Prime minister. Look at the source code, it says ‘None Before’. So the first prime minister of India. You go and type – Jawaharlal Nehru. It will tell you to put only the second name … Nehru

Level 5. Need to fill in the missing word, i.e. Power of ” ….. ” . Something is different on the page, only one Sponser , Page source also tells about “business technology consulting has emerged in IT” , so that tells something related to Cognizant. Page Url “cbc.asp” . Whats the connection in cbc and cognizant? find it out. Thats Cognizant Business Consulting.. easy on google. Now go to CBC page on Cognizant site, again get the url through google or from the sitemap. Now look at the content of the page. Hey its visible clearly … “power of advice”

Level 6. Donald Duck. Page source says “you are stuck in middle of nowhere” and nAMe.. the middle part is highlighted. Try the middle name of donald duck, just google it…. its – “Fauntleroy”

Level 7. ottff–en– : find the series, en makes it find easy. its first character of counting.. o=one , t=two, t=three, f=four, f=five, ….. So missing characters sste. Now the source code, image url is 1432.jpg. Just put it in this order. 1=s,2=s,3=t,4=e.. this makes it .. sets

Level 8. Comet : whizzing by in the sky and one of the reindeer of Santa. It says the answer is of two words. Hence it must now be a comet. The first comet that came to my mind…. halley’s comet

Level 9. Just look at the url, it says gibberish. I didnt know what that is. Just google it. Found Gibberish is the other name of a game called PIGLATIN hence… piglatin

Level 10 The relation being the married celebrities. The ones missing are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It suggests the combination is required.. brangelina

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  1. Sirisha says:

    hey for level 2 – wat are the missing letters and where do u need to type them??

  2. Sunil Kumar says:

    you mean level three… i have mentioned.. the missing letters are “Cakewalk” .. u need to change the url using this word

  3. Sirisha says:

    didnt u go beyond level 7?

  4. Sunil Kumar says:

    Haven’t yet tried. Will do at weekends. Weekdays = office time 🙁

  5. Sunil Kumar says:

    Here are the answers for the next three.. Find them updated

  6. Anonymous says:

    ans for 11 is dorset square

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi sunil , ur profile REALLY helped me … I am stucked at 16 , any help?

  8. I-m-mOrtAL says:

    waah beta
    sahi hain
    long time i saw your blog. kool… kahin atka toh teri blog zindabad

  9. Anonymous says:

    the piglatin is a code language in which u can speak…. here u remove the first letter of the word n put it at the end of thr word n then add ay to it… so pig becomes igpay… now if translate the code in the pic… u get “seven percent done for the rest find this code” even the pic behind is of a pig