Klueless Puzzle IV – Solution/Hints – Level 1-10

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9 Responses

  1. Sirisha says:

    hey for level 2 – wat are the missing letters and where do u need to type them??

  2. Sunil Kumar says:

    you mean level three… i have mentioned.. the missing letters are “Cakewalk” .. u need to change the url using this word

  3. Sirisha says:

    didnt u go beyond level 7?

  4. Sunil Kumar says:

    Haven’t yet tried. Will do at weekends. Weekdays = office time 🙁

  5. Sunil Kumar says:

    Here are the answers for the next three.. Find them updated

  6. Anonymous says:

    ans for 11 is dorset square

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi sunil , ur profile REALLY helped me … I am stucked at 16 , any help?

  8. I-m-mOrtAL says:

    waah beta
    sahi hain
    long time i saw your blog. kool… kahin atka toh teri blog zindabad

  9. Anonymous says:

    the piglatin is a code language in which u can speak…. here u remove the first letter of the word n put it at the end of thr word n then add ay to it… so pig becomes igpay… now if translate the code in the pic… u get “seven percent done for the rest find this code” even the pic behind is of a pig