Answer to No Sunrise Lateral Thinking Puzzle

Answer to Puzzle #2042 No Sunrise Lateral Thinking Puzzle
Puzzle 2042 - Presence of Mind - No sunrise Puzzle

In the middle of the night a man gets out of bed, walks to the yard and puts something in a bag. He then gets in his car, drives across town to his friend’s house and rings the doorbell. His friend answers and the man says, “Here, you wanted it, so its yours.” The man then smiles and drives home. As a result of all this, though, he never sees another sunrise in his life (but yes, he is alive).

How can you explain this? Now think laterally don’t go by all what is given!!




The man put his rooster in the bag and gave it to the friend who had admired it. Now he could sleep in peace at last until well after sunrise.

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