An Old Witch’s Gift Riddle

An Old Witch’s Gift Riddle
(A lateral thinking puzzle)
Once upon a time, Prince Charming was searching far and wide for his betrothed. Summer had already ended, when he came upon a shack, inhabited by an old witch. The weary traveler asked if she could grant him refuge for the night. The witch obliged and showed her guest a warm welcome, offering him food, drink and a place to sleep. The next morning, as Prince Charming was preparing to continue on his journey, she gave him a present, saying: ’A time will come, when you’ll find your way barred by a wide river with no bridge. The only way to cross it is to swim to the other bank. This enchanted tunic will help you — it won’t let you drown!’.
Our hero continued on his journey. A hundred days and nights had passed before he came across the river the witch had warned him about. But, in the end — he didn’t need to put on the tunic to cross it!
Can you guess why?!

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  1. Sumit Ganguly says:

    Because may be that was a winter time and the river got frozen