Game of Thrones S7 E5 Summary – Jon Snow, the King!

Jon Snow would be the rightful and a naturally born heir to the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms


As the writer’s play with the audience’s mind, contrary to the prediction instead of Sam, Gilly finds out the most interesting fact. That Jon Snow would be the rightful and a naturally born heir to the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms. How? Gilly while reading through the old tome finds that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, son the king Aerys is the big brother to Daenerys born after the secret marriage (re-marriage) ceremony with Princess Elia Martell.

Like Tyrion and Dany pet the Dragon snouts, so does Jon Snow now when Drogon is put in front of him by Daenerys. This totally sounds like “The three riders of the three Dragons”. This also sounds like Tyrion is also a bastard son of Aerys. What a mind mess!!

Game of Thrones 7 Jon Snow pets Drogon

Game of Thrones 7 Jon Snow pets Drogon

The show as proven to be full of ruthlessness and mercilessness. Male or Female, one bigger than the other. Cersei being considered the most. Daenerys too had been so. Remember the “Bend the knee”, the most sought after meme these days. This time she burns Randall Tarly and his son Dickon, you know the reason why! (knee!). This exactly sounds like the similar ego clash that led to all this i.e. Ned’s father and brother killed by her father.

Tyrion and Varys both were completely shook by this scene. Daenerys goes back to North with Jorah Mormont after Jon leaves Dragonstone (yes! she lets him)

Tyrion sneaks to Kin’s Landing to speak with Jaime with the help of Davos (and Daenerys). Andddddd the Night King marches on is what is heard.

If Daenerys leaves to go fight the army of the dead, Cersei will be able to take back Westeros. This way Daenerys wont be able to go help in North. Tyrion believes that Cersei wants an army of the dead in the north rather than consider sending it to occupy her northern enemies. Another brain mess!

Now comes the Night King, Tyrion comes out alive from the King’s Landing.  Jon and Jorah going beyond the wall, this is obviously dangerous knowing Cersei.

Gendry has now returned. We finally have a Baratheon. Gendry is also good with a hammer, as two Gold Cloaks discovered much to their great misfortune. All of Davos’s bribes and lies were now in open. Then Tyrion shows up and all is lost. So Gendry bashes their heads in with his warhammer,

To Davos surprise and despite his warning Gendry reveals his identity to Jon.

The love triangle forming between Dany, Jorah and Jon even when Jon is Dany’s nephew. Ouch!! Cersei is pregnant too and wants to tell everyone that its Jamie’s.  She wants Jamie to punish Bronn and tells to “Never betry me again”.


The Night watch and the motley crew : Beric Dondarrion (the phoenix, really, dies and comes back), Sandor – the drunk and red priest. Jon Snow – the real king, Jorah – Old bear’s son, Tormund Giansbane – last of wildlings And Gendry. Fun and scary to watch that as the crew

Now what’s going on in the Winterfell. Littlefinger as usual scheming all around. Northern and Vale lors are still there. Jon is still gone and everyone is fuming. Sansa will replace Jon. She waves it all off, but Arya is angry. Arya confronts her and accuses her of wanting to be Queen in the North. Sansa denies it and everyone knows its a white lie. But she was already given that option by Jon and she didn’t take it. Meanwhile Littlefinger is working his ways out to turn both the sisters against each other.

Bran gets the scroll that Sansa sent about Robb and “bend the knee”. And Arya seems to be angry at that. Littlefinger as usual would trick Arya. The Starks are finally united.

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