Game of Thrones S7 E6 Summary – Viserion Killed, Jon bends the Knee!

The Night King killed Viserion using an ice spear, and Daenerys saves Jon’s band and depart on Drogon with everyone else. Arya threatened Sansa. Jon bends the knee


This is just getting crazier than ever!! The Season 7 Episode 6 of Game of Thrones, Beyond The Wall, the Night King killed Viserion using an ice spear, and Dany who had to come to save Jon and company had to leave Jon and depart on Drogon with everyone else. In Winterfell, Arya threatened Sansa.

Ice Spear, the dreaded weapon kills a dragon. Yes a dragon, Viserion is killed by the Night King. Dany flees from there. At the same time Sansa is threatened by Arya.


raging battle between ice and fire begins

The raging battle between ice and fire begins Beyond the Wall in an extremely spectactular fashion. Gendry, obviously is mad at Brotherhood without Banners for selling him off to Melisandre. The Hound points to Beric Dondarrion and says, “This one’s been killed seven times, you don’t hear him whining.” . Jorah says Ned Stark wanted to execute him for participating in slave trade. To which Jon replies, “I’m glad father did not catch you.”. That was deep and funny! They continue to discuss their paternal history.


At Winterfell, the Stark sisters are more hostile than ever, it will continue. Littlefinger is good at all the hostility creation and generating animosity at Winterfell. Arya tells Sansa that their father was killed with her help. Arya isn’t convinced at the fact that Sansa was forced to do so. Littlefinger and Sansa Stark converse over the fragile loyalty of Northern lords. Sansa receives a raven invitation from King’s Landing. She asks Brienne to go who doesnt trust Littlefinger and shouldnt leave to protect Sansa. Sansa figures what Arya is thinking. Arya puts the dagger towards her, but no harm done.

Beyond the Wall, Tormund and The Hound discuss Brienne and that they both respect her. Tormund admits lover for her. They both continue to tell each other that they should be dead and a funny conversation continues. Beric Dondarrion solemnly informs Jon Snow that death is the enemy. Jon and Dondarrion both have been brought to life by the powers of the Lord of Light and their motives match too.

At Dragonstone, Tyrion and Daenerys are planning for King’s Landing. Jon and Danerys love is quiet apparent to Tyrion now though Daenerys denies. Danerys justifies the Tarly father and sun burning as a necessary evil. They also discuss succession should Daenerys fall in battle, and she asks him why is her Hand thinking so much about her death? Daenerys has received the raven and is leaving with all three of her dragons. Tyrion tries to stop her, she refuses.

Jon and people are attacked by an undead polar bear who kills one of the members of the Night’s Watch accompanying them and Thoros of Myr is severely injured in the fight. They come across a small division of the Army of the Dead led by a White Walker. Jon kills the White Walker and other kills the others while one of them calls out for a help, they now hear his brethren’s arrival. Gendry runs back to Eastwatch and to send a raven to Daenerys for help.
The rest of them run and are stopped short when they realise they are standing on a frozen lake, with cracks appearing. But when they see hundreds of wights coming at them with a supernatural speed, they run anyway. Soon they are surrounded on all sides. The wights hesitate to come closer as the surface of the frozen lake may break and thats how the Jon’s band survive the night. Wights continue to wait.
Gendry falls down just before Eastwatch and is picked up by Davos Seaworth and members of the Night’s Watch. Thoros dies.


Night King lifts an icy spear and kills Viserion

Now The Hound tells Wights that the lake has frozen again by throwing a stone and now the march towards Jon’s band. Daenerys arrives now with the three Dragons (Drogon, Thaegal and Viserion) and the fight begins, the most spectacular one! But wait what just when Dragons are killing the wights, Night King lifts an icy spear and kills Viserion. This triggers Daenerys to run away with Drogon as directed by Jon. He is left alone and comes Benjen Stark to save him and dies in the process. Jon is saved. He safely arrives at Eastwatch, when he wakes up, she promises that she is ready to support the fight for him on which Jon agrees bend the knee.

Prediction and Spoiler :
This suggests that Viserion will turn into an Ice Dragon and the war will be even — Dragon fighting Dragons!! Ice and Fire!!

Waiting for the finale of this season now??
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