Game of Thrones S7 Finale – The Dragon & the Wolf Summary – The 3 twists!

The truce Cersei made with Jon and Dany. Viserion takes down the Wall. Jon’s Parentage!!

To begin with the end!

In the Dragonpit, Tyrion and Podrick reunites and the Hound reminds his brother about the unfinished business. One of the best conversations happened so far. The Unsullied and the Dothraki surrounds the King’s Landing. The episode beginning is also accompanied with Jon and Daenerys bands presenting the evidence in form of a wight. The Hound brings the screaming wight and Dany enters sitting on the Drogon. Cersei is definitely agitated but shows her calm. Jon comes affront and demonstrates how to kill a wight and cuts it in two pieces.
On presenting the truce, Cersei agrees and asks for no fight for Jon vs Lanister forces but as he had already bent the knee – This cannot happen.


Tyrion meets Cersei dangerously and alone. She apparently now agrees to let go of the condition for the truce and the truce is finally made. Moving along and later it turns out that Cersei promise for help in the fight against the Army of the Dead was a lie. Jamie is utterly disgusted at that and something moves in the mind but what? no one knws

The planning for the battle agains the Army of the Dead is underway. Jon, Dany and Tyrion are using every inch of their brain matter. Theon insists to save Yara to the group, wants to remain loyal. Also talks about his inner consious and guilt to not save Yara. But to no avail, its a failure. A funny fight scene where Theon is completely beaten up and kicked in balls, but guess what “Not found” and he starts kicking back.

The wall that falls, Undead Viserion comes to action


Littlefinger at its best turning sisters against each other. But this is all appearances. Sansa and Arya have planned to kill Littlefinger. Bran like a Radio tells everyone about Lord Baelish’s treachery. Vale also turns head to the other side. Arya cuts his throat. Yes, Arya and Sansa are together now!! Samwell Tarly turns up at the Winterfell now. How, no one knows. Bran reveals that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark but not to Jon. He insists that it should be done asap. Turns out even Sam is not a bastard as well and Rhegar declared his previous marriage as invalid.
Much anticipated scene…. Jon and Dany finally have the intercourse. Looks like some of the scenes are created based on the most sought for rumours. From the top of the Wall, an amazing scene shows The arrival of the Army of Dead. Earlier what seems to be the most difficult task of breaching the wall is now seemingly easier. Say thanks to the Ice Dragon, the undead Viserion, just like a freezing nitrogen movie scenes in robberies, the Walls goes down like dominoes. That would be the last scene!!

Now that is something, the raging fires and reuniting and finding the culprits. Amazing and fast paced Game of Thrones season 7. A must watch!!

Thats all folks!

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