Honey, Where is the Money of the world?

Where is the money? The question in everyone’s mind.

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Putting the World’s Money into Perspective

There is a lot of money in this world, a huge part of it is not even real but has its value. The fun part is that a large part of it is restricted to only a handful of people that you can count on fingers. Here is what howmuch.net produced to create a perspective just like our solar system. So here we go.

  1. $83.6 Trillion : This is all the money in the world in any form including bank or other deposits is $83.6 Trillion
  2. $66.8 Trillion in Stock Markets
  3. $31 Trillion is Physical money
  4. $8.2 Trillion is in Gold Market. Now you know gold is still gold.
  5. $1.5T USD is in circulation.
  6. $730 Billion is the what Apple is valued at
  7. $402 Billion goes to Amazon
  8. $100 Billion in all the crypto currencies
  9. $86 Billion is Bill Gate’s net worth
  10. $41 Billion is Google’s Larry Page’s worth
  11. $41 Billion is what Bitcoin valued at

Disclaimer : These numbers change from day to day so exact when you read will be different but gives a good perspective.

Source : howmuch.net