Answer to The Draining Bathtub Riddle

Answer to Puzzle of the Day 2088 : The Draining Bathtub Riddle
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Puzzle 2088 - The Draining Bathtub Riddle

Riddle / Puzzle : A bathtub has two taps and a plug hole. The cold tap fills the tub in 12 minutes, the hot one in 8 minutes. The plug hole drains the tub in 24 minutes with the taps off. Someone left both taps and the hole open.
How long will it take to fill?

Here is the Answer

Puzzle Solution 2088 - The Draining Bathtub Riddle solved

Let the capacity be 24 ltrs. This means
fills 2 ltrs/min. Hot fills 3 ltrs/min.  Hole empties 1 ltrs/min
If all kept open, the tub will fill at 4 ltrs/min (+2+3-1) 
Hence it will take 24/4 = 6 minutes to fill it with both taps and hole open

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