Explaining 6÷2(1+2), the correct answer

This has been spinning on internet from ages on what is the correct answer to the problem 6÷2(1+2). The two answers floating are

  1. 6÷2(1+2) = 9
  2. 6÷2(1+2) = 1

The source of confusion really lies in 2(1+2), where it is considered as an atomic equation which it is not, it is really 2 x (1+2). Now apply the BODMAS and you will get the answer correctly which is 9.

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The Maths behind this has always been the same : BODMAS.
Which means Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.


This is how you really solve it

The Correct Answer

Q :  6÷2(1+2)
= 6÷2 x (1+2)  –> Writing the correct way : Adding x
= 6÷2 x 3      –>  BODMAS says solve the brackets first
= 3 x 3          –>  Then the Division
= 9                 –>  Then the Multiplication

The Incorrect Answer and the source of confusion 

This started with the notion of learning Algebra with variables : 2a ÷ 3b is considered to be (2xa) ÷ (3xb)  i.e. you would do the multiplication first and then the division

Apply this to the current question. We considered 2(1+2) be executed first.
Leading to 6 ÷ 6 which is totally incorrect

6÷2(1+2) was considered 6 ÷ 2a –>  A direct violation of BODMAS

Learn well folks, now you know what not to do