This Maths Teacher deserves an award for keeping the students engaged via an awesome prank

Education, as most say is mostly boring for most people. That’s a lot of most in a single sentence. Especially mathematics has been a subject of disinterest, difficulty and concern for both students and parents.

This Maths professor however had something else in mind. This teacher plays a prank on the whole class and the class bursts into laughter and cheers all around. This is a fun way to keep the students engaged. Now all students would lookout for this class and make sure the attendance is the highest. Who knows when would you miss a classical or awesome prank or fun in the lecture. Go for it Sir!

He accidentally writes something on the projector screen and tries to remove it. Soon he realizes that it is not possible so he asks for a help from another teacher but here is the twist. The teacher is himself but from a video and he plays it so well without flaws that everyone can tell how much he practiced. He even pulls out a light saber from a Star Wars video. If you get 100% attendance in his lecture, that is worth the effort.

Well done boss!

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We do wish we had teachers like him!