Answer to the Burning Mansion Riddle

Answer to the Puzzle of the Day 2233 : Burning Mansion Riddle

Here is a refresher
Puzzle 2233 - Burning Mansion Riddle - Presence of mind

Riddle :

A mansion is on fire.
There are three rooms:
1. Room full of money,
2. Room of expensive paintings
3. Room full of gold and jewels.

 Which room do the
policeman put out first?

Now the Answer :
Answer to the Puzzle 2233 - Burning Mansion Riddle - Presence of mind

Answer : None, policeman do not put out fire, a fireman does.
Edit : User : Pranav Singh
The policeman cannot help,we will need a fireman with his firetruck..but in such a situation the the gold and jewels won’t be destroyed by fire ,at Max they will melt,but still they could be scavenged ,the money can be earned again but paintings can’t be created again with same perfection I will try to save the room with paintings

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