Visual Triangles Riddle

Riddle of the Day 2258 : Visual Triangles Riddle
Can you tell how many triangles are there in the below picture?
On a special request to understand how people are coming up with the number of triangles in the following puzzle. 
Puzzle 2258 - Visual Triangles Riddle

Though this appears to be really straightforward, some people forget that there are overlapping triangles of different sizes as well. For example, if you consider the smallest triangle of size 1, then there are triangles of size 2, size 3 and biggest of size 4 also. This brings in total of 27 triangles as follows:

Answer to the Puzzle 2258 - Visual Triangles Riddle 27

  1. Size 1: 16
  2. Size 2:  6
  3. Size 3 : 3
  4. Size 4 or the biggest : 1
  5. Size 2 Inverted : 1 – The tricky one that connects the midpoint of every side. (Credits : )

Hence a total of 27 triangles are there in the picture. Did you get it right? Let us know in the comments below.

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