Why all Infinity Stones were required by Thanos in Infinity wars – Explained

Most fans take it for granted that all Infinity stones were required to kill half the population of the universe using Infinity Gauntlet by Thanos. But there is an interesting story behind each. Here we would take a fanboy pics to explain that really simply in 6 lines.

As Dan Deleeuw said “Power stone was responsible for turning half the universe into dust”. How so?

  1. Space stone : Helped to wipe out life from whole universe by providing access to space and not just Earth

  2. Soul stone: Picks out souls of all the people of the universe and traps them in small pocket universe

  3. Reality Stone : Turned them into ashes.
  4. Mind Stone : Helped to Link Thanos Mind and accomplish what he wants.

  5. Time Stone : Helped to wipe out everything together at the same instance of time.
  6. Power stone : Helped to power all the stones using the Infinity Gauntlet.

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