How to sit at a Computer Correctly?

Biggest question of today : How to sit at a Computer Correctly without hurting oneself?

Given today’s world, the amount of time spent by everyone on computer has increased significantly. Whether at work, at school or at home, you need a computer and a bad posture while sitting on a computer can make it really painful in a long run.

Here are the things that you should do to be healthy and best at a computer table.

How to sit at a computer correctly

  1. Eye level should be at the top of the monitor or just below the top.
  2. Monitor should always be at an arm’s length to avoid crouching or straining your eyes.
  3. Writs should not bend at all and the lower part of the palm/wrist should not rest on anything.
  4. Back should be straight as in a normal posture.
  5. Lumbar should be in its natural position supported by the backrest.
  6. Elbows should be close to the body rather than swaying away making the fold only between 90 to 120 degrees.
  7. Adjust swivel for your comfort and right height based on above.
  8. Front of the seat should not be pressing the back of the knees, it could cause pains in future otherwise.
  9. Feet should always rest flat on the ground, or if not use a footrest.
  10. Last and most important, Walk atleast 20-100 steps after every 1 hour. Sitting on chairs for long causes blood to not move or move slow in legs causing feet and legs to swell or low nerve work further causing fatigue. For making the blood flow, pace out few stops.

Hope you gain a healthy life!!