Mind Control – How to trick your brain and others!

We all love harmless puns and tricking someone else’s mind to just get fun out of it. Take tricky tongue twisters or slow mind processing questions in rapid fire. All are fun, here are few techniques or questions that can be used to engage people, colleagues, partners.

1. Dont even know what the white of an egg is called.

Ask someone a question : “How do you pronounce F-O-L-K?”
Easy enough the answer will be “Folk”
Ask the next question : What is the white of an egg?

Now here is the fun, 90% of the time answer will be “Yolk”. Since you have trained the person’s mind to by asking a question about “Folk”, it will be easy for his mind to come up with an answer that relates to an egg and sounds similar to Folk.

2. Mind Control or Mind Reading technique

  • Ask how old the other person is. (let’s say he/she is 22)
  • Bet anything (or whatever just to add to the suspense) that you can make him/her say the number 22
  • The target person of course take the bet, because it sounds too easy. Free bet, what’s not to like!
  • Start with a failure, ask him what comes after 21, he for sure wont answer 22.
  • Ask the person a random calculation, e.g. “what is 2 + 2?”.
  • The person responds “4”. Then, add on to the calculation until you reach 23.
  • When the person says 23, you say: “I won! You were not supposed to say 23!”
  • The person then responds: “What are you talking about? I was not supposed to say 22!”

That was the fun part where he was really not supposed to say “22”, but he did say “22” while negating you. So you won!

3. Mind Control – Repetition and Tongue twisting

Ask someone to say SILK 5 times. They will go:

  • SILK
  • SILK
  • SILK
  • SILK
  • SILK

Now ask them: “What does the cow drink?

‘MILK’ will most definitely be the fastest answer. To add another fun element, do it with more than 1 person as a fastest finger’s first. The element of time will give them less time to think clearly.

Enjoy their reaction after you tell them that the cow drinks water and not milk.

4. Mind-Reading – The carrot trick! Dont ask for the explanation.

The “carrot” trick is quite a popular and effective one but don’t question why or how it works. It just does! Write down the word “carrot” on a piece of paper. Give it to your friend but tell them not to look at it… yet. Let them hold on to it so they know there’s no cheating going on.

Next, ask them “what’s 1+1?” and wait for them to answer. Ask “what’s 2+2?” and wait for them to answer. Keep going until you get to 8+8? After they answer, ask them to name a vegetable. 90% of the time they will think of a carrot and voila, your answer is already there on the piece of paper you gave them!

Another variation : Mind-Reading – The Grey Elephant from Denmark

Get someone to think of a number between one and ten. Once they’ve selected, tell them to multiply that number by nine. If they are then thinking of a number with two digits, tell them to add those two digits together. Then tell them to subtract five.

Next, tell them to assign a letter of the alphabet to that number where A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. Tell them to think of a country beginning with that letter, then to think of an animal using the second letter of the country they are thinking of. Then tell them to think of the color of that animal.

You then tell them that they’re thinking of a grey elephant from Denmark (which is usually the case, although smarter people can come up with answers which are a little more imaginative on the rare occasion).

5. Controlling someone else’s Body – Sticky Fingers

This one can be done alone, or with another person. First, you need to clasp your hands together. Not together as though you are praying but interlock your fingers and bend them, as though you would if you were holding someone’s hand. You then put your two index fingers (forefingers) out straight, leaving a small gap between them (so they are not touching) whilst keeping your hands clasped together and the rest of your fingers interlocked.

Usually, what you’ll find after just a few seconds is that your index fingers will slowly start closing in on each other until eventually they touch. This is an automatic response and can only be avoided by purposely making the effort which is actually more difficult than you would expect. When asking another person to do this , you can pretend to tie an invisible piece of string around their index fingers thereby giving them the illusion that you are doing it. The principle behind how this trick works is ideomotor movement (or ideomotion).

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