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30 ways – When Augmented Reality happens without AR Innovation

This must be the most interesting innovation by someone who kept hearing about Augmented Reality and finally took a crack at it. Did not require any new equipment, any new learning just everything that...


Book I : Game of Thrones by George R.R.Martin Summary

A Game of Thrones of 1996 is the first novel in the series by George R.R.Martin – “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Here is the summary for all you wanted to know about the...


Game of Thrones S7 Finale – The Dragon & the Wolf Summary – The 3 twists!

The truce Cersei made with Jon and Dany. Viserion takes down the Wall. Jon’s Parentage!! To begin with the end! In the Dragonpit, Tyrion and Podrick reunites and the Hound reminds his brother about...


Game of Thrones S7 E6 Summary – Viserion Killed, Jon bends the Knee!

The Night King killed Viserion using an ice spear, and Daenerys saves Jon’s band and depart on Drogon with everyone else. Arya threatened Sansa. Jon bends the knee This is just getting crazier than...


Game of Thrones S7 E5 Summary – Jon Snow, the King!

Jon Snow would be the rightful and a naturally born heir to the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms As the writer’s play with the audience’s mind, contrary to the prediction instead of Sam,...


World Record set by Game of Thrones, rarely known but amazing

World record set in Piracy by Game of Thrones, no body else any closer. Tyrion Lannister or Emilia Clarke …. Read more.