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Magic Square Puzzles 0

Magic Square Puzzles

Magic Square puzzles Magic Square puzzles also called as word squares dates back to 650 BC or earlier where Chinese and especially Arab mathematicians after the invasion of Indian Subcontinent learned Indian mathematics. It...


Honey, Where is the Money of the world?

Where is the money? The question in everyone’s mind. Putting the World’s Money into Perspective There is a lot of money in this world, a huge part of it is not even real but...


Book III : Storm of Swords by George R.R.Martin Summary

A Storm of Swords of 2000 is the third novel in the series by George R.R.Martin – “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Here is the summary for all you wanted to know about the...


Book I : Game of Thrones by George R.R.Martin Summary

A Game of Thrones of 1996 is the first novel in the series by George R.R.Martin – “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Here is the summary for all you wanted to know about the...


Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – Plot Summary

Summary of the 1957 book “Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand” It starts with Dagny Taggart who is the Operating Vice President of Taggart Transcontinental, a giant railroad company originally pioneered by her grandfather, attempts to...


Dedicated to the Right to Privacy

Given the state of Privacy these days. Nothing is private. No matter what you do, your friends your family, yourself, knowingly or unknowingly will divulge all of your information. Recently, Supreme Court of India...


World Record set by Game of Thrones, rarely known but amazing

World record set in Piracy by Game of Thrones, no body else any closer. Tyrion Lannister or Emilia Clarke …. Read more.


The power of believing that you can improve – Carol Dweck

The Impact of “you failed” vs “you are not there yet” What you “cannot do” vs “you can develop/learn” Carol Dweck researches “growth mindset” — the idea that we can grow our brain’s capacity...


Ketchup was a medicine before it was Ketchup

Yes, you read it right. Ketchup were used as medicine. In fact tomatoes were considered poisonous. This dates as old as 1830, when tomatoes were not used for Ketchups as North Americans considered them...


Wondering why you never got a holiday for Presidential elections in India? Here’s all you need to know!

Indian President – Elected by Politicians US President – Elected by Public But wait, Why?! In most democratic systems, including the US, the head of the state is also the head of the government....


11 Interesting Facts that you didnt know are true

Did you know that the word “bed” actually looks like a bed. Here are 11 interesting and amazing facts of the world that you never knew off. Some funny, some interesting but worth going...


$2 billion worth Sudha Murthy was called cattle class, what happened next is amazing!!

When Chairman of Infosys foundation Sudha Murthy was called “cattle class“, what happened next. She has a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars!! Here’s an excerpt from Sudha Murthy’s ‘Three Thousand Stitches: Ordinary People,...

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