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Explaining 6÷2(1+2), the correct answer

This has been spinning on internet from ages on what is the correct answer to the problem 6÷2(1+2). The two answers floating are 6÷2(1+2) = 9 6÷2(1+2) = 1 The source of confusion really lies...


Burial of Man Puzzle

Puzzle of the Day 2030 – Burial of a Man Puzzle Its a criminal offense for a man living in London to be buried in United States. Why so? Tickle your brains please?


Can you find abc Puzzle

Puzzle of the Day 2032 – Find the abc For the equation, c310c + c07ba = 1b3bc4, can you find the number abc? Please note that multiple solutions exists for this problem! Tickle your...


Travelling Ant Riddle

Puzzle of the Day : TW Puzzle #29 : Travelling Ant PuzzlePeter and Cynthia stand at each end of a straight line segment. Peter sends 50 ants towards Cynthia, one after another. Cynthia sends...


Golden Chain Puzzle

The son of a rich bullion merchant left home on the death of his father. All he had with him was a gold chain that consisted of 148 links. He rented a place in...

Prime Number Upside down 4

Prime Number Upside down

Prime Number upside down If you type the prime 3217001 on a calculator and hold it upside down, you can read the word “IDOLIZE”, provided you accept that ‘0’ can be both “D” and...

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