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Halloween 2017 – Trends, No Trick, only Treat

Funny that “When is halloween?” is the most searched question on Google in the month of October in United States of America. This is when Halloween is widely celebrated and always falls on the...


Honey, Where is the Money of the world?

Where is the money? The question in everyone’s mind. Putting the World’s Money into Perspective There is a lot of money in this world, a huge part of it is not even real but...


Ketchup was a medicine before it was Ketchup

Yes, you read it right. Ketchup were used as medicine. In fact tomatoes were considered poisonous. This dates as old as 1830, when tomatoes were not used for Ketchups as North Americans considered them...


Wondering why you never got a holiday for Presidential elections in India? Here’s all you need to know!

Indian President – Elected by Politicians US President – Elected by Public But wait, Why?! In most democratic systems, including the US, the head of the state is also the head of the government....


11 Interesting Facts that you didnt know are true

Did you know that the word “bed” actually looks like a bed. Here are 11 interesting and amazing facts of the world that you never knew off. Some funny, some interesting but worth going...

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