Answers to Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible quiz was no more impossible, so is Impossible Quiz 2 now. Here we have the answers / solutions to the Impossible Quiz 2. Those who haven’t yet tried the wonderful quiz, visit The Impossible Quiz. and the Impossible Quiz 2.

If you are looking for answers to Impossible Quiz – Go here .

The questions are far from easy. Some require insane logic, others are completely down to guessing. You have 3 lives throughout the quiz. Get an answer incorrect and you will lose one. Complete a certain number of questions correctly and you will be awarded with a Skip. Skips lets you skip a question if you are finding it too difficult. There are also bomb questions which are timed. You have to complete the question until the bomb detonates otherwise it is Game Over. Limits range from generous 10 seconds to an evil 1 second! Good luck!

  1. Up his sleevies as armies mean arms and sleevies mean sleeves
  2. Paint (green paint)
  3. Earth
  4. American mainly on the twisted pronunciation – a merry can
  5. Just type the letter shown
  6. “Sentence” has 8 letters
  7. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard
  8. 10 letters in (“The Great Wall of China” starts after ten letters into the question)
  9. Click the creature several times to make it evolve.
    SKIP: Click the bubble on the right side.
  10. Click and drag the words “a penguin” to reveal the answer.
  11. Follow directions
  12. Fine
  13. Lederhosen
  14. Click 14 twice
  15. A backwards dog
  16. Chris (in the credits)
  17. Mouse over brown balloon
  18. Fly sandwiches
  19. Fusestopper
  20. Pop the zits. Pop purple zit on ear for a fusestopper
  21. 30 (questions in The Impossible Quiz Demo, not The Impossible Quiz)
  22. Pink Clouds (candy floss looks like pink clouds
  23. Win the Tic-Tac-Toe game by dragging the circle around 23 to the appropriate spot. It’s on the 2nd column at the bottom.
  24. Space (it’s located under the “sea”, or “C” key)
  25. When it’s a jar (a jar = ajar, which means open)
  26. You run. You run so far away. (taken from the Demo of the first Quiz; reference to the 80s song “I Ran (So Far Away)” by A Flock of Seagulls)
  27. Press 1 on the keyboard. (5)
  28. This is Sparta! (location pointed in the map)
  29. Move the mouse to the small area to the right of the stream of water to find a green gem. If you accidentally uncover a bomb, drag it to the water to put it out. Be careful; there are some 1-second time-bombs! Don’t just drag the bombs screen, it will still cause a GAME OVER. (1-5)
    SKIP: Find the green bomb under RC in “search” and let it explode. (“3”)
    ⊙: You’ll have to use the sink to defuse the bombs, instead of the Fusestoppers.
  30. Click the 0 in 30. (A Rolo is a chocolate candy with no holes) (10)

  31. Drive down the M4 (two whales = to Wales, to which you get by driving the M4)
  32. Click the finger (“pick nose”, as in “picking your nose”) (10)
  33. Click the 33 (which looks like a pair of bare arses)
  34. Click the “Death” button (pressing the word “this” in the question’s message will give you a Game Over; don’t get tricked!). (10)
  35. Aim for the face (you play darts by aiming at the face… of the dartboard, not of the babies!)
  36. Tequila (to kill her!)
  37. Move the mouse out of the flash window or right-click, and an elephant will fall (since elephants don’t like mice).
  38. Mash any buttons on the keyboard (except TAB) to fill the meter (10)
  39. Same as 11, only your pointer disappears. Use the circles to guide you through the maze. Head up and to the left in the branching point, then to where the key is located; head all the way back from where you came holding the key, then go to the lock in the right path of the branching and open it with the key! (15)
    ⊙: Fusestoppers won’t wake up because the bomb’s timer doesn’t start until you make the maze appear.
  40. Toucan (Two can!)
  41. Wait for one of the circles to shrink. Bottom right hand corner has a fusestopper.
  42. Drag the guys fist and drop it on the other guy.
  43. You need to play the first impossible quiz to know the answer. Picks a random question from the first one.
  44. What you say!!
  45. Click the second e in I see, then I in I see, repeat until you reach O in O rly?
  46. Around Orion;s waist
  47. Universal Serial Bus
  48. USB ports
  49. Follow Frank’s direction. Do not follow if it doesnt have “Frank Says” on the top
  50. Click the mouth to chew the bone repeatedly, then rub your mouse over it until the bar fills up.
  51. Click “came last” (it will turn into camel)
  52. Move the mouse back and forth over the lamp until its clean.
  53. I used a skip here. No clue.
  54. There is a little mouse tail at the bottom right hand corner. Move it to the button.
  55. Pokemon
  56. micropenis (between legs)
  57. Four
  58. Press space
  59. Drag the R away in Vanish
  60. Drag the cat down as fast as possible

  61. To get to the other side (this will always be the reason the chicken crossed the road!)
  62. Edam (a kind of cheese that happens to be the word “made” backwards!)
  63. Press the “Quality” button on the bottom of the screen (because it has “Q”, the seventeenth letter of the alphabet)
    SKIP: Type “Q” on your keyboard.
  64. Click on all six differences between the Spatulon images: the planet in the background; a very small cloud missing on the right side; one of the mountain tops near the missing cloud is missing the spatula on its peak; a crease under the Spatulon’s eye; the smallest tooth closest to its cheek is missing; and at the very bottom near its right hand the ground is a different colour. (You must click on the differences on the image on the right!) (15)
  65. Goat’s Blood (a cow’s favourite beverage)
  66. Click all the lighter coloured leaves off the body. (10)
    FUSESTOPPER: Click the flower on its necklace
  67. Intricate maze with invisible cursor. Start by going up and to the left; then, take the narrow lower path until the very end, and put your mouse on the green button; a message in the middle of the screen will appear, saying “The code to turn off the universe: 8-2-7-5”, which you must remember for Question 100; take the shortcut back to the beginning of the narrow path, but head up instead, to where the key is located. After grabbing the key, go the right and then down, avoiding getting crushed by the blocks, and then open the lock with the key!
  68. Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally challenged. (these Quizzes are known for NOT giving you checkpoints!)
  69. Click on the bomb’s counter when it’s at 2 (it’s the result of the subtraction); by the way, LOL 69 (10)
    ⊙: How are you gonna find the answer without the bomb?
  70. [WATCH OUT] Click on Chris, then memorise how many times he gets punched before fainting.
  71. 28.8 kbps modem
  72. violence
  73. Click the tree until its done
  74. No
  75. Remember how many times the cat got beaten up? Click the answer here.
  76. AIDS
  77. A fat bloke
  78. Keep turning the wheel of the box
  79. Drag the on in “Dragon” into the circle
  80. A corpse bra
  81. Bottom row, 2nd from the right
  82. Its said obvious, but for some reason I never got it, so I used a skip here.
  83. Drag the screen away.
  84. Blue Red Blue Yellow (tip before the game)
  85. NEVAR!
  86. Type “U” on your keyboard (letter of the alphabet that comes after “T”) (5)
  87. [WATCH OUT] Click the egg that was pointed at by an arrow instead of the carrots.
  88. Don’t do anything (the bomb will just say zero, then read ‘OH’) (“15”)
    It’s a dud, therefore you can’t defuse it.
  89. I’d have thought at least one of them would have ducked (the people mentioned in the question’s message walked into a bar; an iron bar, that is, which makes you wonder why didn’t they dodge it!)
  90. TL;DR (don’t read the message; a GIANT 1-second bomb will appear and scare the life outta you!!) (…1)
    The bomb won’t appear until after a while, and it’s just too big to be defused!

  91. [WATCH OUT] Click on Amy Rose’s head when the aim appears. BOOM! Headshot! (scene from Splapp’s animation “Sonic Breaks his Neck”)
  92. None – I’m on question 92 of the Impossible Quiz 2 🙁 (if you have made to this question, you probably don’t have a life at ALL)
  93. Click the phrase “the odd one out” (NOT Dennis the Square Tomato) (7)
  94. Silence (if you say “silence”, you break the silence!)
  95. Click the numbers in the following order: ‘-15,1’, ‘-4’, ‘0’, ‘2’, ’15’, ‘15,1’, ’76’, ‘151’, then wait or click the arrow that reads “Enough” that will appear on the top left of the picture. (15)
  96. Click your current number of lives at the bottom of the screen (smaller than all of the four options you are given) (5)
  97. Click “K” in “BLACK” (the K is in the center of the “blacK hole” from the question) (15)
  98. 5 (the amount of times lemurs have appeared or been mentioned throughout the Quiz!)
  99. Burst 99 red balloons. Popping a blue one will make you lose 1 life; popping a green one will reduce the red balloon counter by 1, and the bomb rocket will KILL YOU! (song “99 Red Ballons” will play in the background afterwards)
  100. Click 8-2-7-5 then click the red flashing lever (the code is from green button in Question 67) (10)
  101. Type the whole alphabet from “A” to “Z” on your keyboard. (10)
  102. Drag away all the pictures, and then click Chris’ face in the middle. (7)
  103. Red (the blood is the collar, and blood is red; it could also be referring to his actual collar, which he’s wearing on the credits, accessible from the main menu) (8)
  104. Clean the windows; a Fusestopper recommended. (15)
  105. Click the switch behind the question number. Once you click it, a picture of an animal with burning eyes will appear. (10)
  106.  Remove the eye of the left Sigworminator and put it on the metal-thingy legs in the middle to make eye on legs, then drag the kiwi in the hand into the place where the eye originally was. (10)
  107. Question repeat from this quiz, with the respective original options being omitted. Click on where the answer was in, including your number of lives or the question number if it’s either of those cases. (10)
  108. 108. Follow the green arrows, not the red ones, and click Chris’s head (it’s best to remember the path, sometimes, and the green arrows are the right way, while the red arrows point in the opposite direction) (10)
  109. Graphite (graph fight) (15)
  110. Click all the red squares (remember, it’s not always the same). (15)
  111. Type: “tebahpla eht” (That includes the space key. 😉 (10)
  112. Drag the can of Cheesy Fish-mush to the can opener. Use the mouse to operate the can opener by going round and round. When the can is open, drag it to the dish (15)
  113. Click brown, the nicest colour (Chris’ fur’s colour, also used as the question colour; rather straight-forward!).
  114. Use the left and right keys repeatedly of the keyboard to brush the teeth (12)
  115. Caturday (It’s Chris’ favourite day of the week.) (10)
  116. Drag the pieces into the unfinished fusestopper. (These look weird :S) (10)
  117. A question from the DEMO of the original Impossible Quiz, randomly chosen from those that didn’t make it into neither of the two full-length Impossible Quizzes (answer normally).
  118. Don’t do anything! (If you press tab in ANY of the quizzes except the Demo, it’s Game Over!) (“10”)
  119. Type “horse”, then “peanut” then “chihuahua” before each Frank Bomb explodes.
    Frank Bombs are immune to Fusestoppers.
  120. Random reference to a previously answered question from this Quiz. Click on the number that represents said question and you will win! (You cannot skip this question as Chris will put his hand over the skips and his hand will say “NO CHANCE”)(10)
  • ex. 1: What was the first balloon question? (Q 17)
  • ex. 2: Which is the second maze question? (Q 39)
  • ex. 3: One question had a red question number. Which was it? (Q 43)
  • ex. 4: Which question was Longcat in? (Q 60)
  • ex. 5: One Hit Wonder (Q 99)
  • ex. 6: Burnt face duck (Q 56)
  • ex. 7: There are two “Frank Says” questions. One is #5. Which is the other? (Q 49)
  • ex. 8: Which question did Mars first appear in? (Q 58)
  • ex. 9: LOL (Q 69)
  • ex. 10: Ponk Plucking (Q 66)
  • ex. 11: Which question was the second Fusestopper on? (Q 41)

I wouldnt say that I solved them all, I took help from a website eventually. So will give the credits to !! Thanks mate

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    For question 53, the answer is you click near the G at the end. You don’t need t o use a skip lol

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    Thanks for the answers I just beat it the quiz. I didn’t look at them until question 58. 😀

  4. for question 82, you wait until 1 second is left and then click “obvious”

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    On question 84, if you click on green, you get a skip.

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